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Inheritance / Probate Law

Inheritance laws and related proceedings in Germany are different from those in other countries, especially in the Anglo-American legal system. We are experienced in advising and representing non-German individuals who inherit property in Germany or from a German individual, but also in drawing up wills and other legal documents.

Testator and heir of different countries or nationalities imply international legal issues and require knowledge of the national laws involved as well as of existing international treaties and regulations. Even between EU countries there are significant differences.

We provide full service from probate proceedings to the winding up of the estate

booksBeing heir to a relative or friend that died in Germany does not always and only mean a gain in property and assets. It mostly is connected with legal issues like co-heirs, taxes and other problems, not to forget the winding up of the inherited property in Germany.

To deal with it is hard for someone who lives in the country. It is practically impossible for someone living abroad. Besides possible co-heirs there has to be dealt with the German authorities, the land registry, tax & revenue office, probate court, public utilities, landlords, co-owners, realtors, and others. And things have to be done quickly to avoid unnecessary costs and expenses.

Inheritance is connected with emotions while clear conscience is required to take the right legal steps

Sometimes even the decision whether or not to disclaim an estate in case of debts is not easy within the legal period of disclaimer, which must be kept to avoid liabilities.
On top you have to deal with these issues while you may be emotionally too much involved and not ready to handle it.

We have many years of experience in handling this professionally, reliably and fast. No matter in what part of Germany - we represent you in probate proceedings, investigate and look through the complete estate and report to you. We even organize to empty the house or flat of the deceased, and to sell his/her property (including real estate) for you and/or have his movable property shipped to you.

Entrust your cross border inheritance case to experienced professional experts

last willWe also advise you on your last will, have
it drawn up for you considering all aspects of cross-border inheritance in case you are a German resident wishing to appoint a foreign national or foreign resident heir, as well as you being a foreign national who wants to appoint a German heir, or just having assets in Germany that have to be taken into consideration.

Just don't leave it to chance who's going to inherit your property.