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Divorce & Family Law

Being married to a foreign national can bring up a number of legal issues, especially when this marriage breaks up.

International divorce is a legal field with a number of hidden landmines. It requires skilled and experienced counsel to avoid severe disadvantanges as not even every judge is familiar with it. This we can provide.

400+ divorce and other family law cases for clients from 12 different countries stand for experience

Whether you want to file for divorce, alimony, child support, child custody or a similar issue in Germany, or you have been served abroad with divorce papers or any legal brief from a German court or lawyer - we will represent you here and safeguard your rights.

How much will a divorce cost you?

No matter where in Germany you need a representative in court or out of court - we work nationwide.

As a new service, you are now able to submit your divorce application to us online. This will make starting your divorce in Germany much easier and quicker. You will have to register with our website (free of charge) first.

You don't speak German? No problem. Paperwork, forms, correspondence...: we provide it all in English.

Among our clients are wives and mothers as well as husbands and fathers from the USA, Canada and other countries claiming alimony and child support from German resident (ex-)spouses.

We represent fathers living overseas, separated from wife and kids wishing to have the right of regular visitations, wanting to contest paternity or simply needing advice on the justness of child support or other claims being raised against them.

German couples (or couples one spouse being German) living and working abroad want to be divorced in Germany. Each an every case is different.

Even if you only need advice without a lawyer yet actually appearing as your representative, especially if you have been served with a German legal document from a court or a lawyer, you may just contact us ASAP, as often short time frames must be kept to avoid disadvantages.

You cannot afford court proceedings?

We help you apply for legal aid.